Presentment to the Verderers’ Court

In a Presentment to the Verderers’ Court on 18 November, Fiona Macdonald outlined the threats which the proposed engineering works at Latchmore would present to protected fish species (one is the subject of a new EC Regulation) and to equines (by creating suitable habitat for the insects which are responsible for the spread of dangerous Equine Exotic Diseases).

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FoL’s comments on Latchmore Exhibition

As a Non-Statutory Consultee, the Friends of Latchmore have submitted their comments on the FC/LUC Exhibition held in Hyde on 6 October.  The information and maps presented at the exhibition are available online (please see the post below this) and we encourage you to send your own comments on their feedback form (there is a link in the post below this), or in an email sent to the address given on the bottom of the form, by the deadline, 30 October.  If you live in Hyde parish, please also send a copy of your comments to the parish council by 23 October, so that they can see them before sending in the parish council’s comments.

We have produced some additional information and comments in a paper entitled ‘Exhibition of proposals for engineering works at Latchmore’ – please click here to read it.


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“Findings of the EIA”

Stop Press, 20 October

The Feedback Form referred to below is “no longer available” via the original link posted, but I’ve inserted the new link today.

If you didn’t manage to get to the Forestry Commission/LUC exhibition on 6 October, or in case you would like to see them again, the display boards and maps are now on the HLS website (please click here for the boards and here for the maps).  The extent of the work they are proposing to do on Latchmore Shade, Thompson’s Castle area and Ogden’s Mire (this is a new area which has been added to the project) is shown on maps numbered 4.6, 4.8 and 4.9, and the timescale is on the third display board.  The HLS page on Latchmore is here.

The summarised information which they presented raised a number of questions and comments, which we will be submitting;  please send your own views to FC/LUC on their online Feedback Form (or by email to the address on the bottom of the form) before the deadline of 25 October.

PS. 12 October: The deadline for returning your Feedback Form has been extended to 30 October.

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Ill-prepared and destructive

A front-page article in this week’s issue of The Forest Journal (dated 1 October 2015) reports on continuing concerns about the “restoration” projects being carried out by the Forestry Commission, who are holding a public exhibition in Hyde on 6 October to display material assembled by their agents, LUC, to accompany the planning application for engineering works at Latchmore Brook.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

The re-scheduled exhibition (see post dated 6 June, updated 16 June) organised by Land Use Consultants (agents of the Forestry Commission) is to be held on Tuesday 6 October from 4.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m in the Church Community Centre, Hyde.  At this exhibition LUC will show us the surveys and other information which will be included in the Environmental Statement accompanying the planning application for the engineering works at Latchmore.  This is our last opportunity to comment on the ES, so please go along and make your views known to them – or to us, so that we can pass them on.

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