More “restorations” without an EIA or AA

Our Solicitors have been corresponding with the NFNPA regarding recent and forthcoming Forestry Commission “restoration” works at two other sites in the north of the New Forest, Slufters Inclosure and Harvestslade Bottom respectively, querying the NFNPA’s decision that environmental assessments are not necessary for either site, despite an EIA being required for Latchmore, where similar works are proposed.

Please click on the links to see a letter from Buxtons to the NFNPA dated 11 July (also referred to below); a letter from the NFNPA to Buxtons dated 25 July enclosing Planning Permission for work at Slufters Inclosure, granted on 17 July; and a letter from Buxtons to the NFNPA dated 19 August regarding the Planning Application for work at Harvestslade Bottom.


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