“Findings of the EIA”

Stop Press, 20 October

The Feedback Form referred to below is “no longer available” via the original link posted, but I’ve inserted the new link today.

If you didn’t manage to get to the Forestry Commission/LUC exhibition on 6 October, or in case you would like to see them again, the display boards and maps are now on the HLS website (please click here for the boards and here for the maps).  The extent of the work they are proposing to do on Latchmore Shade, Thompson’s Castle area and Ogden’s Mire (this is a new area which has been added to the project) is shown on maps numbered 4.6, 4.8 and 4.9, and the timescale is on the third display board.  The HLS page on Latchmore is here.

The summarised information which they presented raised a number of questions and comments, which we will be submitting;  please send your own views to FC/LUC on their online Feedback Form (or by email to the address on the bottom of the form) before the deadline of 25 October.

PS. 12 October: The deadline for returning your Feedback Form has been extended to 30 October.

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