HLS Partners

Letter of 28 November 2012 to the Official Verderer asking for the HLS Board’s assurance that proposed work on Thompson’s Castle Mire will not be carried out until a full Environmental Impact Assessemnt has been made.

Email of 26 June from the Clerk to the Verderers regarding the decision of the Verderers following the Court on 20 June.

Letter of 30 March to the Official Verderer and the other two voting partners of the New Forest HLS Scheme requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations.

Letter of 19 March to the Official Verderer maintaining that the decision to proceed with this project is unsound and needs to be reconsidered.

Letter of 14 March to the Official Verderer seeking further clarification regarding the HLS Board’s approval of the Latchmore project.

Letter of 6 March to the Official Verderer requesting that this correspondence be brought to the attention of the Court of Verderers and the HLS Board at the earliest opportunity.

Letter of 2 March from the Official Verderer regarding the date of the Verderers’ consent for the restoration project.

A decision taken at the Verderer’s Court on 21 December 2011 to proceed with this project was taken on the basis that the “general consensus was in favour of the project”. A letter dated 1 March was sent to those involved,¬†challenging this basis for the decision.

Letter of 25 February 2012 to the Official Verderer, as Chair of the HLS Board responsible for carrying out this project . This letter requests that work on the project be suspended, and lists our concerns about the project and asks numerous questions that need to be answered.


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